True Like (With Apologies To Hartley Coleridge and Dire Straits)


Another in the occasional series of Ad Poetry Fridays.

Is “like” a fancy, or a feeling? No.
It is immortal as immaculate Truth,
The promise of the end of ad budgets
The way to market to Youth.
A glorious viral tidal wave
Of Facebook love for your brand
No matter how small your wallet,
Fans flock to your outstretched hand.

And yet, tho’ a Like is perfect,
In less than three hours, it’s dead.
A news feed relic from ages past
No more liked, or shared, or read.
It doesn’t turn into conversions
You face an angry V.P.
You thought you had it all figured out:
Money for nothing and clicks for free.

So now it’s back to the conference room
Likes alone aren’t enough for your plan
You slap your head in frustration
“I should have been selling stuff, man!”
And though it lived for but a moment
Twixt thumbs-up click and quiet sad defeat,
Take comfort here — at least it lasted
Three times longer than a Tweet.


1 thought on “True Like (With Apologies To Hartley Coleridge and Dire Straits)”

  1. OMG – you had me at “Money for nothing and clicks for free!”

    But then I cracked up completely at “Take comfort here – At least it lasted three times longer than a tweet!”.

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