Figurine of blind justice
This is by far my most-requested article — so much so that I've been updating it since 2012. While platforms
Video recording setup with camera and microphones
9 Simple Tips For Success Note: At the end of this post, you can download an infographic with a summary of these
Couple on a couch with remote
A deeper understanding of your audience makes your marketing more effective and your job easier. Here's an easy way to
Mission statement vs. focusing question
The Mission Statement Think of a big company. It’s a big, famous company you have absolutely heard of. Quite possibly
Note: this is an edit of a post I first published the last time net neutrality was under threat, in
It's not news that larger companies sometimes buy smaller ones just to kill potential competition. For some entrepreneurs, this isn't
Maybe that's why they lead consumer technology purchases in three of four top categories. Listen to this conversation with Marti
Empty sincerity
How to prevent tone-deaf messaging from undermining your careful (and expensive) brand positioning   How can there be any sin
Screen capture of process spreadsheet, with chart: reducing email from 16,750 to zero
What I discovered during my zero-inbox project has improved my productivity ever since On August 23, 2014, I moved out
Marketing buzzwords
Another in the occasional series of Ad Poetry Fridays.  I cannot say I have vast experience Being interviewed by the