Client and graphic designer meeting. Client asks,
Incorrect Resolution Is #1 In Our Top Ten of DIY Advertising Mistakes. With  A Bit Of Knowledge, You Can Get
Man taking the bait -- money on a hook
Sometimes clickbait headlines inspire me to very short poetry. This is one of those times. Click-Bait Poem #2: Hyper-realistic Cakes
Young woman sleeping while wearing a smart watch
When I was in high school, a teacher named Mr. Knight had the groundbreaking idea to teach philosophy to teenagers.
If you wouldn't sit in the middle seat of an airplane, you don't want to sit in the middle of the frame on a video, either
Whether you're taking a selfie, sitting on a video conference call, or filming someone else, it is instinctive to want
Image of an AI robot typing the word
Writing Use caution when using AI to draft your articles One problem with AI-generated writing is that it tends to
Man responding to an email that he hasn't fully read
Follow this one simple trick when responding to inquiries, and you'll get more conversions and close more sales. Ignore it,
Abstract illustration of two characters talking.
A creative brief is one of the foundational planning documents of any marketing project. It’s more specific (and easier to
Retro comic-style marketing pros terrified of marketing tasks they need to accomplish
Instead of freaking out, read this. A lot of marketing begins with a panic project. You’ve been talking or thinking
Man sitting at desk with sign,
Where people are dug in or resistant to change, a rational argument for your product, service, or cause is a
Man with his feet up on a conference table in a meeting, blowing bubblegum and making a rude gesture.
12 Sure-Fire Ways To Win The Race To The Bottom If you have been named or elected to a community