The Return of Ad Poetry Fridays: Click-Bait Redux


Sometimes clickbait headlines inspire me to very short poetry. This is one of those times.

Click-Bait Poem #2:
Hyper-realistic Cakes

“I Bake Hyper-Realistic Cakes!” It said.
What a coincidence! So do I.
Mine look just like cakes.

Click-Bait Poem #3: 
Pressure Wash

If you need an article called
“13 Things You Shouldn’t Pressure-Wash”
You should not be allowed
To pressure-wash anything

Click-Bait Poem #4:
Tom Selleck’s Daughter

To whoever wrote the clickbait
About Tom Selleck’s daughter
Either it’s the best-performing headline
Of all time, or you’re determined
To serve it to me until I click on it
If it’s the latter, I have bad news
You will not live that long

Click-Bait Poem #1: The Original 


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