Social & Digital

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Social posts, banners, digital ads. Small, quick bites are the appetizers of advertising...but if done right, they can pack a big punch. View examples


Video portfolio example
It's hard to overstate the power of video to move target audiences. Watch our videos here


Logos, Branding, Identity

Logos, branding, identity level
Logos, color palette, tone, type, style...they all communicate important impressions of your brand. See examples.


Email portfolio sample
In email marketing, art, technique, and details matter as much as message. See examples


Website portfolio example
Effective websites should be responsive, easy to navigate...and have SEO built in, not added on. See what that looks like.

Brochures & Flyers 

Brochures & Flyers portfolio example
Brochures, flyers, handouts, and their catalogs, and their electronic equivalent, the eBook. See samples

Direct Mail

Direct mail portfolio examples
Direct mail still has surprising power, especially in the face of a changing digital landscape. See what we mean

Trade Shows, Presentations

Tradeshow portfolio examples
Trade shows, conferences, and presentations are an investment in time and money. A memorable, eye-catching display helps you make the most of it. See examples

Print Advertising

Print advertising portfolio examples
Print advertising needs include everything from consumer and business publications to ads in event programs. See examples

Film Posters & Props

Film props & posters portfolio examples
Film posters and graphic props help tell stories we love. See our work for filmmakers

Our work helps our clients stand out in a crowd. We can do the same for you.

You listen to your clients, and get to know their customers. You learn about their market and competition. You brainstorm with the creative team. You let all information and ideas "cook" a little in your head.

And then there's a moment that you just know, with absolute certainty and perfect clarity, what will work. It's the second-best day on any given project.

Over the years, C3 team members have won many awards for our creative work. Because many of those awards were given by the direct marketing community, they were based in part on how our creative achieved results.

We pride ourselves on creative excellence, but we never forget that great creative is a means to an end, a path to a goal: and that goal is sales and revenue.

Ready to see your brand reflected in ways that makes you proud and gets results? Start here.