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Leverage the power of video, in all its forms

It’s hard to overstate the power of good video. Whether you’re talking about explainer videos, sales videos, storytelling videos, animated videos, social media videos, educational videos, testimonial videos, interview videos, videos edited from other content, or videos that generate lead, there’s nothing that engages audiences as quickly or effectively.

In fact, in our tests, video on social media engages audiences five times better than any other format.

There’s a secret in our first sentence, though: it has to be good video. Meaning that it has to work as hard in its medium as any other marketing channel does.

It must appeal to your target audience, make the point seamlessly, tell your story well and engagingly, and accurately and appealingly convey your brand. Doing those things doesn’t always take a ton more time and budget that just pointing a phone at your face and touching “Record”. But it always takes more thought.

We’re lucky enough to have a very fine in-house video team that includes award-winning writer-director-producer Heather Hillstrom. Check out some of our work. Then call us for to learn more about how we can help you meet your video needs.

Free Knowledge: How To Make a How-To Video Download a tip sheet, too.

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