Lead Generation and Customer Retention

Responses are cool. Sales are cooler. But it's revenue growth that makes our hearts sing.

What if you could get more from your lead-generation and customer-retention efforts than merely reaching goals for sales and market share? What if you could get more by simply making a few smart decisions when you're planning your b-to-b marketing programs? It's true. It really does happen. We'll show you how.


Someone seems to have thrown out the lead-generation rule book. Or at least glued a lot of its pages together.

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It seems like everything's changed about the sales business. It's harder to find prospects at the old watering holes. Customers in greyhound-lean organizations have less time for your sales calls. You're more likely to make your pitch on a smart phone than on an elevator. Bombarding prospects with communications is as exhausting and expensive as it is inefficient. Most of all, no one wants to give away our era's most precious commodity: their time.

But lead generation is still necessary, and it still has the same goals:

  • To generate interest from people who are ready and able to buy your products
  • To grow your company by increasing sales and revenue
  • To help your sales force to close sales more quickly

Now for the good news

Change is also opportunity, and there's a way to turn it to your advantage. At C3 Advertising, we combine decades of experience, old-fashioned smarts, and 21st-century tools and techniques to help you become a more effective sales organization with less effort.

Our lead-generation and CRM programs are not specific services. Rather, our b-to-b effort is a process: we find out what you need, recommend the best available tools, and help you achieve your goals for sale, growth, customer retention, and market share.

And one more thing: we measure success by sales and revenue. Period.

How C3 generates leads, sales, and so much more

Here are examples of the things we've accomplished for our b-to-b and b-to-c lead-generation clients, while helping them to meet their primary sales goals:

  • Reduced the number of touches needed to close a sale by 40%
  • Cut the average time for closing a sale in half
  • Discovered new vertical markets hidden in customer data
  • Reduced customer service costs
  • Helped executives and other decision-makers to get better data from their sales efforts
  • Increased sales and cash flow between busy seasons by tapping into secondary markets
  • Found cost-effective ways to market to secondary markets that reduced pressure on the sales force
  • Helped clients evaluate their in-house lists and data to find their most profitable 20% of customers, and create profiles to find more like them
  • Helped clients reposition their company for changing market conditions

There's more. Contact us to learn lead-generation success strategies for your business and industry.

Lead generation in the 21st century is all about efficiency, effectiveness, sales you can measure, and growth you can plan. Find out what that's like for C3 Advertising clients. Start here.