Social Media Marketing Services

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In the time it takes to tap out a message, snap a photo, or point a phone at your face, anyone can generate social media content. Just as quickly and easily, any one of your customers can respond to you, or share your message with others. All this takes place in an environment where your audience can change preferred platforms in a heartbeat, and where rules and metrics change constantly.     

That combination of immediacy,  engagement, and the need for agility from your marketing team can benefit your brand or swallow you whole.

We can help you figure out how to make social media part of your marketing mix. How to make it immediate and measurable. Most of all, how to manage it with confidence and ease.


Social Media Marketing Services

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You sometimes hear that social media is be the low-cost, DIY replacement for all those other expensive, time-consuming marketing activities.

That would be lovely, but it's not true. Social media is just another tool that we can use well or unwisely. It's interesting and useful under the right circumstances. It has surprising value in short-lived promotions.

But the biggest benefit of social media comes when you focus on the message, not the medium. It's not enough just to show up. You have to do or say something worth talking about.

The most important thing to remember is that old rules still apply to new media: You have to be where your customers are, deliver value, and use the medium effectively. Do that, and social media can be your friend.

C3 Social Media Services Include:

  • Choosing the right media and platforms for your audience: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, blogs, and more
  • Social media planning & strategy
  • Ad placement and management
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Targeting niche markets
  • Developing content guides & systems
  • Social media marketing training
  • Testing, results analysis, campaign management
  • Multi-channel marketing with social media in the mix
  • Turnkey programs for busy clients
  • Creating content, for campaigns, promotions, or ongoing communication

Choose the social media content program that meets your need

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C3 Advertising offers four levels of support for social media content.

1. Turnkey

"I have other things to do." "I don't want to guess if I'm doing the right thing." "Just make it go away." "Just make it work."

If this is you, C3 Advertising has your back. We'll create cost-effective, compelling, and appropriate social media content, develop a plan that gets results, manage ad campaigns, and keep you informed every step of the way.

2. Original social media content: We create. You post.

It's easy to post content to social media platforms. Coming up with appropriate and compelling content on a regular basis? Creating fresh images, slide shows, video, blog entries, and messaging that also drive traffic, increase brand awareness, boost your search engine rankings, and generate revenue? Those are tougher nuts to crack.

When you're pressed for time, stuck for ideas, or low on enthusiasm, C3 Advertising can provide the high-quality content you need on a regular schedule or for special campaigns or promotions.

All created by professionals, reviewed by our creative director, approved by you, and uploaded on your schedule to a library we've created for you in the cloud, so you can access them as needed.

3. Content Mining: We turn stuff you already made into content gold

CEOs and marketing managers often worry that they don't have enough content to feed a steady stream of social media needs. But chances are good that there's already a ton of share-worthy information hiding on your hard drive, your smart phone, or elsewhere in your organization.

  • That email you keep writing to answer the same customer or prospect questions.
  • The slide presentations that are made by everyone from your brand managers to your sales reps.
  • That speech you gave.
  • The video of that speech you gave.
  • That time you guested on a podcast.
  • Press releases, white papers, user manuals, sales support brochures, technical illustrations.

They're all buried treasure. And with a little TLC, a bit of editing, and some fresh graphic treatment from the content pros at C3 Advertising, they can become compelling social media and web content that promotes your brand, engages your customers, and generates more sales.

4. Social Media Guidance and Focus: When you don't need a team, just a game plan

You already have a strong Facebook and YouTube game, you really enjoy Twitter, or you have a fantastic social media team in-house. But when you analyze results, your social media isn't working for you as well as you'd like. Perhaps you want to corral multiple posts, media, and content creators into a cohesive voice for your brand. Maybe you have some big, important sales initiatives you want to support. Or you wanted your Instagram feed to look like a thoughtfully curated collection, but it's more like a random jumble of images and topics that confuses the heck out of your target audience.

You probably don't need someone to take over your social media content. You just need guidance, focus, and a plan.

Help when you need it. Answers to your questions. An expert opinion that knows about your brand, your objectives, and your target audience. The reassuring voice on the phone that yes, you're doing the right thing. And the results to prove it.


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