Trade shows, Conferences, & Presentations

A prospect walks into a trade show…

A joke around C3 Advertising is that there’s a simple trick to standing out at a trade show: “Don’t make it blue.”

While that’s certainly true (look around at the sea of blue booths the next time you’re on a trade show floor and you’ll know what we mean), there is, of course, a lot more to getting the most out of your expensive event investment. When we’re designing a trade show experience or conference presentation, we take all aspects into account: client branding, objectives of the event, and goals for ROI. We help clients evaluate marketing opportunities provided by the conference and set budgets for maximizing return.

We develop plans and materials to drive traffic to the booth and generate interest in target audiences through multiple channels, including social, digital, email, and direct mail. We work with vendors to create displays, handouts, promotions, and premiums that make sense and that prospects will want. We schedule everything to make sure it all gets delivered to the venue on time. Finally, we help clients follow up on maximizing leads, updating their lists, and measuring ROI.

If you’re ready to make your next trade show, conference, or presentation your biggest success, start here.