Tongue-Tied: The Peril of Buzzwords


Another in the occasional series of Ad Poetry Fridays. 

I cannot say I have vast experience
Being interviewed by the press
On my few occasions, I have enjoyed it

It’s pleasant, and flattering
And if they use your quote
You can tell your friends on LinkedIn

But I understand why some think it’s unnerving
Business reporters ask lots of questions
And carry recording devices

It’s good to be careful, as your words might live forever
As if carved in granite on an ancient monument
As though posted, online, to Twitter

So when a marketing guy from Trivago
Was asked about media buys in the UK,
perhaps he was nervous

He might have said, “Many Londoners like to travel,
but aren’t aware of Trivago, so it made sense
to increase our budget there.”

Or, “Travelers in the British capitol
make up our prime demographic,
and we want them to know about the brand.”

Instead, he said this: “We wanted to up-weight our
activity in London because it is an important
region in terms of audience.”

Turns out he up-weighted his sentence
In terms of quantity of buzzwords.
Yet all’s well that ends well

Somewhere, reading the quote in The Drum
A happy man in a dull meeting
Shouted, “Bingo!”


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